Cisco Certified Network Associate(CCNA)

1. Hussam El Kebbi: with a Bachelor of Communications from the Beirut Arab university, Hussam was “desperate and hopeless” at finding a job meeting his profile in the field of communication and Networking.
It was a low point for someone with Hussam’s potential and ambitions that feel that life was a burden. His luck suddenly changed when he heard about CCNA that Hariri Foundation for Sustainable Human Development is offering, so he decided to take this challenge.

It was in February 2006 when CCNA classes began and Hussam started attending the classes.
It was not long before new opportunities began to open up for him. His teacher told him about a six months internship at Cisco Systems in the states and since he fits the requirements, he took the lead and applied. Passed the required interviews, he was accepted as intern at Cisco Systems-Arizona.
Back to Lebanon, this opportunity opened many doors to him: Hussam is now a Solution Integrator at Ericsson Lebanon Communications SARL.

2. Nada Abdallah: Mrs. Nada Abdallah is a CCNA instructor in the Industrial Technical Institute (ITI)- Beirut-Lebanon. She joined the program as a trainer and was the only woman in a class of 17 students.

Ms. Abdallah said: “it was an incentive for me to prove to myself and to others that networking is a field for both sexes. Ms. Abdallah completed the course successfully and became the first CCNA certified woman in the Lebanese Ministry of Education.

Mrs. Abdallah says that being a CCNA instructor has been very rewarding, as she has witnessed the increased participation of women in the program first hand, ” it pleases me to see that number girls are interested to join the project. In the group I’m training , women made up 50% of the class; this rate is expected to increase in the second group due to the increased awareness among women and the benefits that ICT can add to their life and their families later on. Thanks to Cisco Systems and Hariri Foundation to reserve us a corner in the ICT world.

3. Mahmoud Kasir
After a slow start to his career, an ambitious young man from Saida(South Lebanon) has found that the Cisco Networking Academy Program was exactly what he needed to get on the fast track.
Mahmoud Kasir launched his own company for computer maintenance and basic networks And was looking forward to improve himself and his work. He started seeking for new courses, however, he heard about CCNA that Hariri Foundation is offering so he decided to take this challenge. He knew that these courses will teach him how to use routers, switches, LAN and WAN technology.
It was that in February 2006 CCNA classes began and Mahmoud started attending the classes.
He finds it difficult at first but the help of his instructors and his colleagues in the class makes it easy to him.
It was not long before new opportunities began to open up for Mahmoud. “There is a big market for Cisco technology and skills in Lebanon, and I was capable after I finished CCNA 3” to expand my company that provides internet and network design for all users.

Now Mahmoud is CCNA certified, and is looking for new opportunities in the Networking and Information Technology field. “As soon as I have received my certificate I will start applying for work”. Of course, it would be great to have an IT career in Lebanon, but I think it will be a while before things improve enough for that.”

– Activity Outcomes:
1. CCNAcads are established in different universities, VTEs and community centers.
• CCNAcads are equipped with necessary devices.
• Different instructors from different CCNAcads are trained and certified.
2. Students are trained and certified.
3. Female’s participation reached 40 – 50%.
4. Many graduates followed internship in Cisco HQ in the states as well in some ministries in Lebanon.
5. Graduates are either stayed in ministries or moved to private companies.
6. CCNA curricula is part of the curricula taught in universities and VTEs.
7. CCNA curricula is expanded to include other track as security, wireless etc.