The Hariri Foundation for Sustainable Human Development, hereinafter referred to as HFSHD or Hariri Foundation partnered with La Sagesse University to improve thecapacities of locally active civil society organizations in four poor and vulnerable regionsof Lebanon, to meet some of the socio-economic challenges facing Lebanon andpartake in national efforts to tackle them. This partnership materialised through the“Promoting Active Citizenship through Coaching & Training” (PACCT) project, which isimplemented under the AFKAR III program funded by the European Union and managedby the Office of the Minister of State for Administrative Reform (OMSAR).

PACCT, aims to improve the internal capacities of 107 locally active CSOs in fourLebanese districts (Akkar, Beqaa, South and Mount Lebanon) to better perform theirrole in socio-economic development within their region. It also aimed at creatingnetworks between the targeted CSOs, their local authorities and the plethora ofdonors and private sector.PACCT has also enabled the trained CSOs to put the concepts acquired from thetraining and coaching into practice through proposal writing and submitting of localcommunity development projects. Grants were given to selected projects that wereimplemented under PACCT.

The project’s overall objective is to improve the capacities of locally active civil society organizations in four poor and vulnerable regions of the country to meet some of the socio-economic challenges facing Lebanon and partake in national efforts to tackle them.

Specifically, the project aims to achieve the following:

• Assist the targeted CSOs through training, capacity building and coaching to enhance their daily operations and enable them to achieve their positive roles within their communities.

• Promote the creation of local networks and linkages between the targeted CSOs,their local authorities and the plethora of donors and private sector companies willing to endorse their development agenda.

• Support the work of the selected CSOs through financing of innovative local community projects that put into practice the concepts acquired through training and coaching and promote development and social cohesion within the four targeted regions.

• Upscale the project’s innovative model and implementation approach through sharing of the lessons learnt with CSOs active within the targeted regions and Lebanon as a whole.

The project is designed to unleash the great potential in the capacities of CSOs to tackle pressing development needs within their respective regions. However, to be able to achieve that, CSOs should undergo a process of capacity development that points out the right processes to follow if they want to fulfill their mission of serving their communities and contributing to national advancement and development.