Hariri Foundation for Sustainable Human Development, under the patronage of Prime Minister Saad Hariri and in cooperation with the Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Beirut and presence of Saudi royal court envoy H.E Mr. Nizar Al Aloula, held the “Taef Forum: Achievements, Numbers and Partners” to shed light on the reconstruction and development processes between 1992 and 2005, at the Seaside Pavilion in Downtown Beirut. The Forum was organized in commemoration of the 14th anniversary of the assassination of former Prime minister Rafik Hariri.

Taef Forum was launched with the Lebanese and Saudi national anthems, followed by opening speeches for MP Bahia Hariri, President of Hariri Foundation for Sustainable Human Development, H.E. Walid al-Bukhari, the Saudi Ambassador to Lebanon. In her speech, MP Bahia Hariri briefly laid out the journey of Lebanon from the formation of the Taef Accord in 1989 reaching up to the assassination of MP Rafik Hariri in 2005, a time where his excellency Prime Minister Saad Hariri took the responsibility upon himself to protect the national cohesion, achievements, and partners of Lebanon. She emphasized on the role and continuous support that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia offered during the reconstruction process. Saudi Ambassador, H.E Mr. Walid Al-Bukhari, also shared his condolences for the loss of martyr Rafik Hariri by stating “We memorialize this commemoration with the witness and the martyr…The Witness to a civil war and the Taef accord which has safeguarded Lebanon’s essence and unity, and the Martyr for the sake of Lebanon, its sovereignty and Arabism” and emphasized on the pivotal role of his country by saying “Therefore, I would like to assure that the Kingdom is keen on the safety and stability of Lebanon and the preservation of its national unity… They assassinated Rafik Hariri, but they have not been able to assassinate his remaining legacy, live determination and his pure path, which will continue to be a role model…” He continued to say that the path and approach of late Rafik Hariri’s will survive through his son PM Saad Hariri.” Following the opening speeches, late Prime Minister Rafik Hariri was present through a hologram for his first ministerial statement in 1992 that encompassed his ambitions for the future of Lebanon and emphasized on restoring trust. Afterwards, PM Saad Hariri followed with a speech honoring, the entities representing the national productive sectors, Arab states, international organizations, and other countries for their contributions and investments in the aim of reviving them and implementing infrastructural and socio-economic development projects from 1992 till 2005. PM Hariri honored the “Taef Trophy” to the Arab and international partners, as well as present and former Lebanese officials for their continuous efforts for Lebanon’s developments. A presentation was given simultaneously presenting the honoree’s achievements in numbers. Finally, the event was concluded with a group photo for PM Hariri, honorees, MP Bahia Hariri, Saudi royal court envoy H.E Mr. Nizar Al Aloula, and the Saudi Ambassador Mr. Walid Al-Bukhari.