BALADI- Building Alliance for Local Advancement, Development and Investment

Year: 2012


Partners: USAID, Caritas Lebanon and Rene Moawad Foundation


Program: Socio Economic Development


Sectors: Economy, Governance, Infrastructure & Services, Internet, Social Welfare & Livelihood


Through the BALADI program, the Consortium aims to support selected municipalities and unions of municipalities to startup community-oriented projects that adopt and foster social innovation as a new model of public service delivery. The outcome of the project is to enhance the well-being of Lebanese citizens through improved access to decent and affordable public services.
Adopting social innovation as the anchor of the proposed project builds on the recent evidence that shows how social innovation as a concept can capitalize on the strengths and assets in a community with the ultimate aim of introducing new ideas to enhance social functioning and/or finding new solutions for existing social challenges. It is based on nurturing “businesslike” ideas that can advance the quality and efficiency of the social and public sectors. Social innovation engages an array of actors including line ministries, local authorities, community groups, SMEs, and citizens (users) themselves.


Through this project, the Consortium aims to support initiatives and projects that employ social innovation as a guiding framework. The proposed projects/initiatives will be guided to adopt the following themes as an expression of social innovation:


1. Technological innovation
2. Inclusiveness across communities, age groups, and genders (e.g. gender representation/impact and
youth engagement)
3. Public-private partnerships (PPP)
4. Environmental friendliness and protection
5. Good governance with a focus on accountability and citizens’ participation