Covid-19 Crisis Response

Year: 2019


Partners: Saida Municipality, Red Cross, UNDP


Program: Crisis Response Sectors: Education, Governance, Infrastructure & Technology, Internet, Communications & Services, Public Health, Social Welfare & Livelihood.


The Hariri Foundation and through its Crisis Response program that ought at responding to crises and finding solutions to disasters established the DRM Unit known as the Disaster Risk Management Unit in collaboration with the Municipality of Saida, the Unit covers the region of Saida and 16 other municipalities. The responses were to ensure that all the people interested in taking the vaccine are registered through a call center, as well as finding the number of cases locally and comparing them to the regional status by updating and informing the people around through a weekly based report. The foundation re-established the Emergency Unit to respond to the cases aroused during the pandemic, taking into account the safety of the volunteers and the infected people. The foundation established a weekly meeting taking into consideration the safety measure with those in charge of the safety of the city, to address the needs and respond to any situation.