Decade 5: 2020-2029 (Quindecennial)

Decade 5: 2020-2029 (Quindecennial)

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As a direct response to the needs of the war-afflicted population, the Foundation managed to secure the future of 34,000 Lebanese youth by extending scholarships at 1,766 universities and colleges worldwide.

4th Decade-07 (1)

العقد الأول

كاستجابة مباشرة لاحتياجات السكان المتضررين من الحرب، تمكنت المؤسسة من تأمين مستقبل 34000 شاب لبناني من خلال توزيع المنح الدراسية في 1766 جامعة وكلية في جميع أنحاء العالم.


Socio-economic Development

Socio-economic Development The socio-economic program aims to contribute to poverty reduction and social resilience through building the capacities of people and enhancing their living conditions to manage the emerging social and economic risks. HF implements and supports projects that foster women's empowerment and entrepreneurship to engage them in the socio-economic growth and sustainable practices. HF [...]

Governance & State Building

Based on its firm belief in the importance of national balanced development and state building in Lebanon now more than ever, HF works collaboratively with state institutions to seek policy solutions. HF seeks to promote the roles of state institutions and sectoral stakeholders in national development in order to derive best practices in good governance [...]

Education & Empowerment

HF stresses on investing in Lebanon’s sustainable development through educating future generations, which is evident in its educational facilities and interventions. For over 40 years today, HF aims to create better education opportunities, provide and promote quality education, as well as enhance educational equity and democracy of education. HF strives to build the capacities of [...]

Crisis Response

For over 4 decades, HF has been undertaking exceptional missions in disasters and crises through providing humanitarian assistance and relief services to address the direct needs of vulnerable citizens, particularly women, children, and the underprivileged, regardless of their race, religion, political affiliation or nationality. HF has restored hundreds of housing blocks and over 20 key [...]