HFEMS - Hariri Foundation Emergency Medical Services

Opening hours:
24 hours


The Hariri Foundation Emergency Medical Service (HFEMS) was established in 1984 in Saida during the Israeli occupation of the city. It continued to perform its duties by carrying out relief work and assisting citizens until the early 1990s, and then during the Israeli aggression against Lebanon in 2006. The HFEMS was equipped with mobile clinics and ambulances, where it carried out hundreds of field relief operations to evacuate wounded, trapped and displaced individuals, transport martyr corpses, and provide supplies and medical assistance to citizens in their villages and displaced individuals in many Lebanese areas.


In light of the health emergency due to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic in October 2020, HF took the initiative to coordinate efforts with national and local partners in all Lebanese territories to secure all support for those infected with the COVID-19 or face the repercussions of the pandemic. In addition, Hariri Foundation, in coordination with the National Unit for Disaster Risk Management at the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, supported the establishment and institutionalization of a Disaster Risk Management Unit under the Federation of Municipalities of Saida-Zahrani. The Foundation took the initiative to reactivate HFEMS to aid the population and support hospitals through transporting patients and providing the necessary services as needed – and in coordination with the Disaster Risk Management Unit, for their vaccination appointments at Saida Governmental Hospital, Saida Governmental Emergency Hospital, and Hariri Medical Social Dispensary in Saida Old District.


HFEMS aims to provide first aid and all its humanitarian and administrative services and to disseminate preventive measures. In addition, HFEMS works to assist health institutions and all nationalities residing in the federation, including Lebanese citizens, Palestinian refugees and displaced Syrians, to confront the COVID-19 pandemic.