Khan El Franj

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Phone Number: +961772734
Opening hours: 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM




Khan El Franj is a heritage site and cultural center housing Saida’s most renown events, urban offices and ateliers. It is a French property and managed by Hariri Foundation for Sustainable Human Development. Khan El Franj was built during the Ottoman mandate to accommodate French merchants and their commerce in the old city in order to develop trade with Europe. It was the center of trading activity in Saida up to the 19th century.


It was destroyed during the civil war and HF restored it in the late 1990’s. The project was held in coordination with the French Government, owner of the site. Ever since the restoration was completed, HF has been responsible for managing and directing the facility upon an agreement with the French government.


Today, HF moderates the use of the different Khan spaces for multidisciplinary operations. While providing rooms for different Public Sector and civil society entities to operate daily, HF manages Khan’s main spaces (Courtyard & Grand Hall) for international, national and local formal events as well as for frequent festivities and ceremonies. It also hosts the French Cultural Center.


Today, Khan El Franj is listed in the UNESCO as Heritage Site, long resembling a symbol of strong relationships between Lebanon and the European countries. It has been a center for Euro-Mediterranean Dialogue and civic activities, as well as cultural festive and artistic activities and exhibitions ever since. Khan El Franj was also announced in 2018 as a platform for Lebanon 2020 where youth interact and conduct activities related to Lebanon 2020.