LEARN – Leveraging Education through Access, Rehabilitation and Networking

Year: 2007


Partners: Mercy Corps, MASAR, IJMAA


Program: Education & Empowerment


Sectors: Economy, Education, Governance, Infrastructure & Services, Internet, Communications and Technology, Labor, Social Welfare & Livelihood


The project Leverage Education through Access, Rehabilitation, and Networking (L.E.A.R.N) has its core goal to promote excellence in Lebanon’s underserved public schools through enhanced learning environments, diverse extracurricular offerings, and increased parent engagement with schools.


L.E.A.R.N. has selected 12 public schools. The project is unique in that it stipulates that all improvement plans are to be conceived, implemented, and followed up on by the schools themselves. The schools, as part of the project requirement, put together committees from the different constituencies of the school to be in charge of realizing the project from inception to completion and beyond.


LEARN brings together three key elements of education programming to address gaps not only in infrastructure and equipment but also in community investment in education:


1. Increased investment of time and resources by parents and other community members through Parent Councils (PCs) and complementary mechanisms
2. Physical school rehabilitation and equipment provision
3. Expanded IT access and practical computer skills