MCM – Model Council of Minsters

Year: 2017


Partners: Local Municipalities


Program: Governance & State Building


Sectors: Education, Governance, Internet, Communications & Technology


Cabinet simulation model is a group of young people selected from Saida region coming from different universities and backgrounds. The students got trained in the skills necessary to receive each the youth cabinet that resembles best their interest and backgrounds. The work on this project started in early 2017, and its aim was to raise development projects stemming from the Sidonian youth. This project is aimed at young people as they are the most eager to want the see the change in the city and create what is best for it.


This model worked in silent under no spotlight, but rather its goal was to focus on the data and aspirations of young people and to show the data buried in the minds of the promising generation.


The simulation council did not stop at the Council of Ministers, but the ambitions of the youth increased more as Mrs. Bahia Hariri gave them confidence. The Youth Council received a large file from the municipality of Sidon, the issue of the mountain of waste, by deleting it to carry out a project from scratch.


The youth received the project and did the necessary research during a period of about two months. The project was handed over to the engineer, Mohammed Al-Saudi and Mrs. Bahia Al-Hariri. After the project was delivered, every idea was put forward to the competent authorities.


The Council continued to engage in other projects and to involve more youth in other projects launched by Mrs. Bahia Hariri in cooperation with other parties such as Lebanon 2020 Culture of Question, and the activity that was launched on February 14, World Cafe for Lebanon’s youth.