MP Bahia Hariri

The sister of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafic Hariri, has played an essential role in Lebanon’s political and social welfare. She is especially known for her commitment to education.


She started her career as a teacher to then head the Commission for Education and Culture in the Lebanese Parliament.


A strong advocate for women, MP Hariri is the founder of the Women’s Committee at the Arab Parliament Union and the Arab Women’s Summit.
MP Hariri is well known throughout the world as UNESCO’s 2000 goodwill Ambassador.

Honors & Awards
2003 Legion d’honneur, awarded by the French President Jacques Chirac
2003 Legion d’honneur, awarded by the French President François Mitterrand
2010 Honorary Degree of Doctor of Laws honoris causa from Dundee University, UK
2010 Honorary Doctorate from the American University of Science & Technology (AUST)
1989 Lebanese Cedar Award, Lieutenant rank, in recognition for services in Social &Cultural fields
2005 1000 Women For Peace Prize (Nobel Peace Prize 2005) in recognition for all of her contributions and services
1989 The “Agha Khan” Award, in recognition for the reconstruction of the Big Omary Mosque
2015 Strategic Partnership Award, Lebanese American University
2018 International Medal for Excellence in Leadership and Education from Central of Excellence in Education, USA