The Hariri Foundation for Sustainable Human Development is a Lebanese Non-Governmental Organization that was established in 1979 by martyr PM Rafik Hariri. In its early days of inception, the foundation focused primarily on the educational sector, reaching out and providing financial support for nearly 34,000 students; thus, rendering investing in people is investing in Lebanon’s future. 


Whilst such a focus constituted a direct response to the needs of the war-afflicted population, the foundation has since expanded its scope of work, shifting towards a more diversified portfolio of interventions aimed at attaining a sustainable state of human development. To-date, the foundation has implemented over 200 projects that are in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), in partnership with more than 90 local, regional and international partners. The foundation currently works across five programs, including Education, Good Governance & State Building, Socio-Economic Development, and Crisis Response. 


Working within a Public-Private-Civil Society partnership framework, the foundation believes in the correlation between adopting a participatory approach to development and the sustainability of initiatives undertaken, as such a methodology is best suited for aggregating, reconciling, and creating synergies amongst various interventions that tackle the challenges imposed by the rising trend of urbanization. 

In tandem, the foundation has focused on empowering the civil society through: 

  • Capacity building and training, both at the institutional and individual’s level; 
  • Improving the involvement of the civil society throughout the social change process; 
  • Implementing projects based on assessed needs intended to improve the quality of life. 


Though its primary focus has been on local interventions, the foundation has succeeded in extending its outreach beyond Lebanon, serving as a catalyst for regional social change through initiatives of the like of Arab Women’s Summit whereby the foundation is a member of the high-level meeting’s founding committee. 

Our Vision

Achieving a sustainable state of human development congruent with strengthening social cohesion and citizen engagement.

Our Mission

“We lead on functions that reinforce nationalism and strengthen the sense of responsible citizenship. We undertake research, form partnerships, build people’s capacities, as well as lead, fund and support innovative de

Investing in People;
Investing in Lebanon’s Future


Contextualizing International Norms through Tailored Interventions 

Promoting Multi-agency working & Developing Networks  

Developing Evidence-Based Policies & Recommendation

Maintaining a Multi-Sectoral Approach in Development  

Integrating Youth in Planning & Development 

Utilizing Data in Strategic Planning 

Establishing Hubs for the Improvement of Integrated Development 

Providing Constant Humanitarian Assistance Services 

Conducting Field Missions as Rapid Response to disasters and crisis