Crisis Response

For over 4 decades, HF has been undertaking exceptional missions in disasters and crises through providing humanitarian assistance and relief services to address the direct needs of vulnerable citizens, particularly women, children, and the underprivileged, regardless of their race, religion, political affiliation or nationality.

HF has restored hundreds of housing blocks and over 20 key cultural facilities, upgraded or renovated 30% of those into development centers operated by HF programs and partnerships. Inspired by the Hariri Choice, the basis on which the foundation was incepted, HF has adopted a multi-agency approach in building local resilience, empowering and integrating local actors in crisis response and recovery planning. Through constant coordination, HF was able to mainstream social reconciliation as a milestone to restore social cohesion.


– Responding to crises & building back better
– Integrating local communities in crisis management & recovery
– Restoring social cohesion & creating safety nets


– Performing rapid rehabilitation and renovation interventions in damaged areas
– Restoring, preserving and upgrading key urban facilities to respond to the emerging local needs
– Supporting local authorities in developing community-based disaster risk management plans
– Integrating diverse local actors in crisis response plans
– Developing socioeconomic recovery plans and coordinating efforts for implementation
– Leading social cohesion and reconciliation activities in post-conflict areas
– Providing socioeconomic and medical relief services for vulnerable communities

Covid-19 Crisis Response

Covid-19 Crisis Response Year: 2019   Partners: Saida Municipality, Red Cross, UNDP   Program: Crisis Response Sectors: Education, Governance, Infrastructure & Services, Internet, Communications & Services, Public Health, Social Welfare & Livelihood.   The Hariri Foundation and through its Crisis Response program that ought at responding to crises and finding solutions to disasters established the [...]