Socio-economic Development

The socio-economic program aims to contribute to poverty reduction and social resilience through building the capacities of people and enhancing their living conditions to manage the emerging social and economic risks. HF implements and supports projects that foster women’s empowerment and entrepreneurship to engage them in the socio-economic growth and sustainable practices. HF always focused on empowering and engaging youth as a key partner in any developmental process. Thus, HF implements long-term projects that build the capacities of youth to act as local and national social agents that will be leading any aspired change.


– Building the capacities of women and youth to integrate them into the labor market
– Enhancing the role of women and youth in socio-economic development
– Promoting women and youth entrepreneurship and their participation in public life


– Advocating for gender-sensitive policy and gender-sensitive strategic communications
– Empowering people to claim a proactive role in national and local development
– Empowering women and youth and integrating then structurally as main stakeholders in policy making and socioeconomic development
– Supporting and enhancing national and local entrepreneurship initiatives

Saida Local Touristic Guides

Saida Local Touristic Guides Year: 2021   Partners: MedCities Association, Barcelona Municipality, Saida Municipality   Sectors: Industry, Labor, Heritage & Tourism, Education, and Economy.   The project aimed at building the capacities of 30 youth from the city of Saida, who are interested in the living heritage of the old city of Saida. A training [...]

Improve Vegetable Greenhouse Production

Improve Vegetable Greenhouse Production Year: 2003 - 2005   Partners: CHF, USAID   Sectors: Governance, Infrastructure & Services, Social Welfare & livelihood, Agriculture.   The project aimed to introduce advanced greenhouse systems and greenhouse varieties through training farmers on good agriculture practices and integrated pest management, and by using methods to enhance vegetable soil production. [...]

Improvement of Banana Production

Improvement of Banana Production Year: 2002 - 2005   Partners: CHF, USAID   Program: Socio Economic Development   Sectors: governance, Infrastructure & Services, Social Welfare & livelihood, Agriculture.   The project was established to enhance the socio-economic situation of the farmers by informing them on the benefits of using the net house in order to [...]

Khede Kasra Campaign

Khede Kasra Campaign Year: 2008   Partners: Leo Burnett   Program: Socio-economic Development   Sectors: Education, Governance, Social Welfare & Livelihood   The 'Khede Kasra' campaign focused on playing with the common social perceptions of male dominance. Using Arabic as a key tool to portray this, the campaign focused on how with a simple 'Kasra' [...]

Establishing the Kfarfalous Cultural and Medical Compound

Establishing the Kfarfalous Cultural and Medical Compound Year: 1979   Program: Socio-Economic Development   Sectors: Economy, Education, Governance, Infrastructure & Services, Internet Communication & Technology, Labor, Health, Social Welfare & Livelihood   The Kfarfalous compound is located almost halfway between Saida and Jezzine, at an altitude of 500 meters and stretching over a surface of [...]

BALADI- Building Alliance for Local Advancement, Development and Investment

BALADI- Building Alliance for Local Advancement, Development and Investment Year: 2012   Partners: USAID, Caritas Lebanon and Rene Moawad Foundation   Program: Socio Economic Development   Sectors: Economy, Governance, Infrastructure & Services, Internet, Social Welfare & Livelihood   Through the BALADI program, the Consortium aims to support selected municipalities and unions of municipalities to startup [...]