RHHS – Rafic Hariri High School

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Phone Number: +9617723551
Website: http://www.rhhs.edu.lb


The school was established in 1982 in the town of Kfarfalous specifically in the cultural and medical compound in Kfarfalous, under the name of New Sidon School. After which, in 1988, the building was then reconstructed in the current location on the Nazih Bizri Boulevard, Saida and took the new name in 1992 as Rafic Hariri High School.


The school aims at building the capacities of students and teachers, ensuring a secure, healthy environment and educating learners on how to maintain it. The school, facilitates learning and developing skills and attitudes which help in problem solving, facing challenges, and taking actions that improve performance in both local and international communities.


The school has four divisions that cover all student ages from preschool, elementary, intermediate, and secondary offering two tracks of systems, the Lebanese and the American system. As well as, taking into the consideration the needs for learning support, as the school believes in diversity and working on supporting every student to reach his/her utmost potentials. Establishing a specialized Educational Support department with the help of professionals in the field of cater for mild to moderated learning psychological or physical needs.