School Network for Saida & Neighboring Towns

Year: 2000


Partners: 110 Schools (Public, Semi-Private, Private, Vocational, and UNRWA Schools) in Saida and its neighboring towns, Universities


Program: Education & Empowerment


Sectors: Education, Governance, Infrastructure & Services, Internet, Communications & Technology, Social Welfare & Livelihood


The project was established in the year 2000 as an initiative to join all school’s communication together, the main objective of the network was to enhance the continuous and effective communication between all member schools, as well as conduction educational research within the schools aspiring for a knowledge base position for further educational development in Lebanon. The network, has been able to coordinate and collaborate with the local, national and international organizations, hosting conferences, forums, workshops, trainings, and meetings for educational development. Throughout the years, the network has worked on building the capacities of teachers, coordinators, and students on civic engagement and soft skills, as well as e-learning and e-communications methods & ICT tools.