Multi-Sectoral Interventions and Services

HF seeks to adopt a multi-sectoral approach throughout its interventions and services, managing its project and partnerships from various sectoral lenses and bringing multiple onto the table. Ever since its inception, HF has led and partaken in hundreds of development and response projects crosscutting with 12 sectors ranging from educational to governance to physical to socioeconomic.


HF intends to develop the agricultural sector in Lebanon by improving the farmers’ socio-economic conditions and enhancing their knowledge. The Agricultural sector at the foundation has identified the Lebanese farmers’ main problems and has decided to focus its efforts on boosting up their yields and promoting their produce. The foundation believes that new agricultural technologies [...]

Infrastructure & Services

HF emphasizes the importance of the infrastructure and services of the places, aiming at providing the needs of the communities through the rehabilitation of infrastructure, as it strives to promote their economic growth to achieve a better quality of life. The foundation coordinates efforts among partners for unified plans enabling the increase in job opportunities. [...]


This sector strives for the continuous growth of local classic and creative industries, especially handicrafts and technology-related industries. Empowering small and medium industrial businesses, and supporting business owners in improving the quality of their production practices, product packaging and promotion techniques. HF assists in manufacturing entrepreneurs and strategizes the growth of the industrial sector through [...]

Internet, Communications & Technology (ICT)

Aspiring to build the technical skills of the Lebanese, in particular, teachers students and women to benefit from the emerging technologies. Through the sector we partner with local and international organizations to integrate IT into the classroom for better learning, expanding the infrastructure of the school network to address the technical skills gap in the [...]

Social Welfare & Livelihood

HF aims to reduce poverty and inequality and to have sustainable livelihood economic stability. Encouraging the social welfare of the community by providing continuous services to enhance the people's economic and social status. Programs

Public Health

This sector promotes the health being of the society through its various programs, shedding the light on the importance of having a healthy community that positively impacts the societies' different sectors and contributes to their communities. Through this sector, HF assess and addresses the wellbeing of human as develops preventative policies and measure for emergent/chronic [...]


HF continuously aims at providing job opportunities for youth, women, and specialists to have more laborers acting in enhancing the social and economic structure of the country. Building the vocational and technical capacities of women and youth in aims to diversity and specialization if the job market. Programs

Heritage & Tourism

The Heritage and Tourism sector aims to conserve and provide innovative management strategies of rich legacy. As it tackles projects to enable the local community to discover means on how to economically benefit from the rich heritage that we actively feed into cultural tourism. The foundation seeks to preserve authentic cultural places as well as [...]


Through the governance sector HF aims to strengthen the relationship between civil society, the state and the private sector by designing projects, capacity building workshops and activities that provide citizens with dynamic tools to positively intervene and achieve good governance and sustainable development through adopting socially responsible practices, transparency and accountability. HF aspires to integrate [...]


The foundation through the environment sector recognizes the unfortunate fact that the impact of human activity on the global environment threatens the survival of the biosphere and the future generation. As the sector aims to achieve sustainable conservation of natural resources by raising the awareness of the community on future implications of its actions building [...]


HF strongly believes that education is the key to sustainable, social, and economic development and that all children should have an equal opportunity to learn with equitable quality education, achieve, and reach their full potential, regardless of their economic status. Since 1979, HF has carried out initiatives aimed at supporting and extending the work of [...]


The economy sector HF aims at enhancing the economic status through the enhancement of all the sectors, creating projects that support the economy of the country, as well as enabling people to have the best skills to better estimate theirs risks. Engaging everyone in the process of reducing poverty and inequality, strengthening and building the [...]