Taamir Ain El Helweh Center

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Phone Number: +9617725715
Opening hours: 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM


The Taamir Ain El Helweh Center was established in 2021 in efforts to institutionalize Hariri Foundation’s constant contribution to the urban and human interventions in the region since the early 1980’s. The center resembles a hub for the local community of Taamir Ain El Helweh to convene, collaborate, plan and contribute to all ongoing local development activities.


The center was open in a timely response to the collaboration with the Municipality of Saida and the National Institute for Housing, as well the partnership with universities in the mapping and extraction of property deeds in completion of executing the legislations HF has been advocating for over the course of 3 decades.


The center is conducting a wide study of the urban and infrastructural reality and needs and identify multi-sectoral needs in efforts to develop and implement a holistic urban development strategy and action plan.


Today, the center provides social services and provides local youth, women with literacy capacity building, socioeconomic empowerment opportunities as well as vocational and technical training.