USUDS - Urban Sustainable Development Strategy of Saida

Year: 2011


Partners: Med Cities, Entitat Metropolitana de Serveis Hidràulics I Tractament de Residus de l’Àrea Metropolitana de Barcelona, Saida Municipality, Sfax City Council, Fundación CIEDES, Sousse City Council, Larnaca City Council, Urban Community of Al Fayhaa


Program: Governance & State Building


Sectors: Agriculture, Economy, Education, Environment, Governance, Heritage & Tourism, Industry, Infrastructure & Services, Internet, Communications & Technology, Labor, Public Health, Social Welfare & Livelihood.


The project aims at promoting the sustainable development and social cohesion of Mediterranean cities through the use of urban sustainable strategies of development and networking for the socio-economic, urban planning, environment, and cultural heritage perspective. As well as, integrating cultural, social, economic, and environmental factors, as a prelude to defining the city’s development policies and priorities and creating a network of cities interested in building strategies for urban sustainable development.