Vocational Empowerment Center for Women

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Phone Number: +961772734
Opening hours: 8:00 AM – 2:00 PM


The HF Vocational Empowerment Center for Women established in 1987 aims at fostering women’s s entrepreneurship by promoting socio-economic growth through income-generating handcraft practices. More than 700 women received tailored training on sewing and knitting enabling them to pursue a profession in the field.


Located in Khan El Franj, the center engages more than 120 women in execution projects of detailed handcraft for private sector and civil society clients, where it enables women in practicing the design and execution of crafts, collaborating with PATCHI chocolate and other private clients that request the designing of the chocolate bars and thus empowers women’s
economic status.


The Vocational Empowerment Center’ though the socio-economic & development program aims to motivate and build the capacities of the women by addressing their social and economic needs.