Vocational & Technical Training Center for Youth

Phone Number: +9617753552
Opening hours: 8:30 AM – 2:30 PM


The Vocational & Technical Training Center works on building the capacities and capabilities of the Lebanese youth whose age is above 15 years, as it provides them with professions and life skills that enables them to enter the labor market with complete confidence.


The Vocational & Technical Training Center was established in partnership between the Hariri Foundation for Sustainable Human Development and the Ministry of Education, General Directorate of Vocational and Technical Education, UNDP, and the Embassy of the Netherlands in Lebanon.


The main goal of the center is to build young people’s capacities with a qualified personality to work efficiently in the labor market, as well as, improving and developing their vocational training methods and techniques.


The center provides the young trainees who completed the specified 3 months training period with a certificate that explicitly shows that they have obtained a good experience that allows them to practice the profession. The center was keen to build the professional capacities of young people by identifying professions that are commensurate with the labor market, according to strategies that identified the city’s needs. Accordingly, the center opened its doors to twelve specializations as follows:


1. Handicrafts (Wooden Crafts)
2. Networking
3. Maintenance of Cellular Devices
4. Maintenance of Computers
5. Hospitality (Production & Service)
6. Photography and Videography
7. Agriculture
8. Female Beauty
9. Microsoft Office
10. Drawing
11. English Language Learning
12. Leading Businesses
13. Life Skills
14. Adobe Photoshop Course