Achieving E-Quality in the Lebanese ICT Market


2004 – 2011


In partnership with CISCO Systems International and the Lebanese Ministry of Education & Higher Education, Hariri Foundation collaborated with 26 certified Cisco Networking Academies (CCNA) academies in TVET schools, universities, and colleges across Lebanon. The project’s ultimate goal was the upskilling of students and educators through the provision of advanced technical training with a gender-sensitive lens and to help women and men equally qualify for emerging job market opportunities. ICT trainings were provided to 26 academies, annually targeting 7,500 students, 65 teachers, and 22 key trainers.

 The project was complemented with an internship component for excelling trainees as well as a research component on women’s status in the Lebanese ICT sector, entitled “Needs, Challenges and Opportunities.” Towards the completion of the project, Hariri Foundation and its partners established a database to track the employment status of participant CCNA graduates.

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