The Public Health & Wellbeing Program reflects the Hariri Foundation’s comprehensive approach to build a healthier and more resilient society. The foundation conducts thorough research and interactive mechanisms to address national and local health needs and challenges such as healthy lifestyles, healthcare accessibility, epidemic patterns, and non-communicable diseases. This research informs the development of evidence-based decision-making frameworks for public health and wellbeing interventions.

The Hariri Foundation strives to promote physical activity and health awareness through sports and activism. The foundation delivers a wide range of health services, including subsidized or free-of-charge medical, paramedical, and pharmaceutical care to ensures social protection for vulnerable populations. Through collaborating with health institutions, the program aims to enhance service delivery and to guarantee coordinated response procedures in times of crises.

By highlighting the benefits of preventive care and active living, the program nudges communities towards improved health and wellbeing. The foundation encourages healthy lifestyles and preventive healthcare through public health campaigns and community outreach programs. It fosters partnerships with local health institutions to create a sustainable health ecosystem and promotes the adoption of healthy practices among the population.

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