The Education & Digital Transformation Program is an integral part of the Hariri Foundation’s efforts to enhance educational opportunities and outcomes across Lebanon. The foundation strategically evaluates national and local educational landscapes, identifying areas for improvement, innovation, and digital transformation. This involves comprehensive research into educational methodologies, ICT integration, and the identification of gaps in educational equity. The foundation assesses global best practices of education transformation, localizing solutions for enhanced educational opportunities and outcomes.

Since its inception, the Hariri Foundation strives to enhance educational services in schools, itself delivering quality education while also actively engaging in capacity building and educational improvement within hundreds of public and private schools nationwide. The foundation also delivers vocational and technical training to increase the employability of women and youth, offering a myriad of upskilling and reskilling training programs.

To create a sustainable impact, the foundation builds academic networks among academic institutions, promoting a culture of collaboration, innovation and creativity. By showcasing success stories and best practices, the program nudges stakeholders towards embracing new educational paradigms and continuous improvement, encouraging schools and educators to adopt modern educational models and technological advancements.

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