Assessment of the Social & Spatial Transformations in the Old City


2001 – 2012



In partnership with UNESCO, the Lebanese National Commission for UNESCO, and the Municipality of Saida, Hariri Foundation undertook a local study to assess the social & spatial transformations in Saida’s historic district. The assessment featured a census of the district’s population and demographic characteristics. This was paralleled with an in-depth investigation into the local social fabric and recent social transformations which have affected the local community and its relationship with other neighborhood communities in Saida. The study also reviewed the multiplex urban transformation that the city has undergone, focused on the balances and imbalances between the historical preservation and the modernization of the historical district.

Scientific outcomes informed the discussions at the Third International Conference on Small Historic Coastal Cities, held in partnership with UNESCO and the Municipality of Saida in 2001. The assessment was replicated between 2011 and 2012 to inform the diagnosis phase of the Urban Sustainable Development Strategy (USUDS) of Saida.

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