Building Back Better in 3 Main Cities in Lebanon


2021 – 2022


Tripoli, Saida, Tyre

In partnership with UNDRR and the Disaster Risk Management Unit at the Lebanese Presidency of the Council of Ministers, Hariri Foundation adopted a prevention-oriented and risk-informed approach to develop action plans for strengthening the health preparedness in 3 federation of municipalities across Lebanon. The project featured a capacity building component, offering trainings to institutions and individuals relevant to health service provision and crisis response on crisis preparedness and recovery in line with the Making Cities Resilient (MCR2030) agenda. Throughout the consultative component, the project team collaborated with the federations, health institutions, and local civil society actors to assess the health performance of targeted regions across the 10 essentials of Disaster Risk Preparedness according to the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction.

The indicators assessed informed the development of 3 regional action plans for health preparedness based on place-based needs and priorities. The process created a fertile ground for the establishment of health networks across mutli-sectoral actors.

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