COVID-19 Crisis Management Committee


2020 – 2022



In partnership with the Lebanese Ministry of Public Health, South Lebanon Governorate, and the Federation of Municipalities of Saida-Zahrani, Hariri Foundation established the COVID-19 Crisis Management Committee as a coordination platform among key actors operating different mandates to enable daily collaboration for the response to the coronavirus outbreak and its local repercussions. The committee’s ultimate aim was to ensure for the readiness and functionality of the health sector and to mobilize resources enable hospitals across Lebanon to receive, treat, and hospitalize COVID patients and to reduce the threat of COVID-19 on front-line and essential workers. The committee consisted of representatives of the public sector, local hospitals, the Lebanese Red Cross, as well as official security devices and local trade unions. Members of the committee discussed scientific and empirical insights prepared by Hariri Foundation to follow up on keep abreast of the evolution of global knowledge and practices about the pandemic in order to roll out local solutions and to derive data-driven decisions.

 The committee developed local policies and plans to mitigate the socio-economic risks of COVID-19 on the community and to ensure the availability of free PCR tests and COVID vaccines for all citizens. In 2022, the committee was integrated into the Health Network of Saida & Neighboring Towns.

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