DHAIM | Developing Horticulture to Access Impactful Markets


2010 – 2015


In 2010, Hariri Foundation partnered with USAID and ACDI-VOCA to carry out a joint project for developing horticulture to access impactful markets (DHAIM). The ultimate goal of the project was to create a sustainable and resilient horticulture sector in Lebanon that is capable of providing livelihood opportunities for the rural population and contributing to the country’s economic growth. The project addressed economic growth through strengthening horticulture export market linkages and establishing a vibrant high-value crops hydroponics sector for high-end and export markets.

The project featured a capacity building component delivered to value chain actors. The project also featured an implementation component, increasing access to markets and strengthening value chain linkages and increasing adoption of good agricultural practices (GAP). Towards the end of the project, partners enhanced business support services for beneficiaries and offered those access to credit and relevant markets.

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