Green Ambassadors Clubs


2018 – Present


In 2018, Hariri Foundation partnered with members of the School Network of Saida and Neighboring Towns to establish multiple environmental school clubs across the city. The “Eco-Friendly Clubs” resembled the first step towards spreading environmental awareness and engaging children in sustainable development. Club members were motivated to invest their talents in developing innovative environmental initiatives such as awareness sessions, trainings, and activities in their schools and surrounding neighborhoods. A club manual was published for this purpose, guiding school communities on establishing and governing clubs within a coherent manner and offering every club the name of their school in a common format EFcSchoolName.

The foundation organized an annual EFc Forum to engage club representatives, including students and teachers, in a continuous dialogue on the environment and in a sustained exchange of knowledge and experience among clubs. Periodic follow-up meetings were held among the School Network of Saida and Neighboring Towns to organize joint activities among clubs. In 2023, those clubs have been integrated into the Greening Education framework established in partnership with UNESCO.

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