Greening Education Program


2023 – Present



In 2023, Hariri Foundation partnered with UNESCO to support its Greening Education call for action, earlier established at the 2022 Education Transformation Forum. The project aims at encouraging private schools to carry out environmental activities to address the four key pillars of the Greening Education Partnership: greening schools, greening curriculum, greening teacher training and education systems’ capacities, and greening communities. The project sets those pillars as targets to be achieved by 2030. The partnership in Saida involves 4 private schools from the School Network of Saida and Neighboring Towns out of the 10 selected private schools nationwide. Participant schools are motivated to be local advocates of green transitions in Saida and influencers of future generations to partake in climate action.

The project involves diverse engagement modalities such as awareness sessions, capacity building workshops, community engagement activities, and school clubs. Participants are also encouraged to build the capacities of 4 other public schools.

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