Hajj Bahaeddine Hariri Development Complex


El Madrassa El Mehania Street Dekerman,
Saida, Lebanon

The Hajj Bahaeddine Hariri Development Complex is a multipurpose complex serving the Education and Training Program at Hariri Foundation for Sustainable Human Development. The complex is dedicated to capacity building, rehabilitation, and the organization of conferences and workshops.

The development complex was established in 1997. Located at the gateway of Saida to the South Lebanon governorate, the complex serves as a strategic regional hub for education and training.

The complex covers an area of 10,000 square meters and houses the Hajj Bahaa Hariri School and the Hariri Foundation Vocational and Technical Training Center. The complex also provides spacious buildings and halls for affiliate institutions of Hariri Foundation, such as the Faculty of Technology – Lebanese University and the Future Lebanon Scouts Association.

The Hajj Bahaeddine Hariri Development Complex is designed to support the development of individuals and communities through tailored educational programs and services, also providing opportunities for community engagement and social interaction.

The vast buildings and infrastructure at the complex allow for further growth and for the annexation of additional spaces which address local needs and trends.

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