Humanitarian Response During Israeli Wars


1993 - 2006


South Lebanon

Following the eruption of the Israeli wars in 1993 and 2006, Hariri Foundation supported displaced citizens and refugees to evict affected areas in South Lebanon, establishing, maintaining and upgrading 53 and 77 sheltering hubs respectively in Saida’s public and private schools. In 2006, sheltering hubs received 16,584 displaced people and provide them with daily assistance. The foundation mobilized hundreds of local volunteers to indulge in improving the living conditions the displaced families by providing all kinds of support including healthcare and psychosocial support as well as the supply of hygiene kits and equipment. The foundation mobilized its kitchens to secure hot meals secure food insurance to all centers, also securing feedstocks and food ingredients for two local community-based organizations (Our People and Solidarity) to partake in the daily endeavor.

The humanitarian assistance also targeted nearly 13,500 displaced families (68,000 persons) living with relatives or acquaintances in Saida. Directly upon ceasefire, Hariri Foundation conducted a mass study of the physical damage and the social needs incurred by the war across villages in South Lebanon and mobilized funding for restoration, rehabilitation, cash transfers and the supply of social assistance.

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