Improving Banana Production in South Lebanon


2002 – 2005


South Lebanon

In 2002, Hariri Foundation partnered with CHF and USAID to carry out a joint project aimed at improving banana production in South Lebanon. The project mainstreamed the importance of greenhouse agriculture and carton packaging in improving production and quality of banana products. The project featured a capacity building and implementation component engaging nearly 150 farmers in modern methods for banana production throughout the sowing, fertilizing, packing, and storing of the crops. The project also featured the establishment of a banana farmers’ cooperative in South Lebanon.

Throughout the project, 1,000 brochures were distributed to farmers, banana dealers and engineers about how to pack bananas in a carton through modern methods. Towards the end of the project, 700 hectares of Banana Fields have been covered with nets, resulting in a 128.57% increase in banana production a 14% increase in net profit. Today, around 11% of Lebanon’s total banana production is now packed in a carton.

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