Kfarfalous Educational Compound


1979 – 1982


South Lebanon

Four years into the violence of the Lebanese civil war and recurrent Lebanese-Israeli conflicts, the founders of Hariri Foundation decided to carry out an intervention which reflects Lebanon’s mission and potentials and which could ripple a national and global counternarrative of peace and development.

The Kfarfalous Cultural and Medical Compound was one of Hariri Foundation’s first projects, established in 1979 as a scientific village that contributed to the socioeconomic development of South Lebanon. Hariri Foundation located the Kfarfalous complex at the midpoint between Saida and Jezzine to service both regions and cater for their diversity. The center stands at an altitude of 500 meters and stretches over a surface of 1,000,000 square meters of green hills.

The Kfarfalous compound was built with an approximate budget of 300,000,000 USD and included several educational, medical, and social facilities. Residential buildings were also established to host employees and students. By April 1982, the total surface of executed projects amounted to 75,000 square meters of buildings. The compound had become a new city due to its activities. While the construction was still underway, the Israeli invasion in 1982 led to the suspension of the compound construction. The final operational activities of the compound were halted in 1985.

Compound components included:

  • The Saida Center for University Studies | 1981 – 1985
  • Hariri Medical Center | 1982 – 1985
  • School of Nursing | 1982 – 1985
  • The Vocational School | Suspended
  • New Sidon School | 1982 – 1985, later Rafic Hariri High School
  • The Sports Compound | Suspended
  • The Power Plant Project | 1983, transferred to Electricité du Liban

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