Local Prevention Network of Saida


2017 – Present


Local Prevention Networks (LPN) at Local Municipalities aim to develop inclusive and resilient communities to prevent radicalization at the grassroots level. In Saida, a municipality-led prevention network was established to coordinate PVE efforts between the mayor and the local communities. Supported by Hariri Foundation, the Saida LPN engages practitioners from various sectors committed to developing the knowledge and skills required for PVE work, promoting community-led PVE programming, and creating safe spaces for dialogue and cooperation with all members of society, especially youth. The LPN has worked on the development of the PVE toolkit, the “Religious Tolerance Advocacy Agenda” as well as the establishment of the Municipal Youth Council and the Psychosocial Support Unit.

The LPN also focuses on building the capacities of its members and sustaining the network’s operations. The Saida LPN has been engaged in implementing the National Action Plan at the sub-national level. The Saida LPN’s efforts are context-specific and seek to empower municipalities to cope with any situation, including those that might lead to acts of violent extremism.

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