National Initiative for the Centennial of Great Lebanon


2010 - 2022


In 2010, Hariri Foundation launched the National Initiative for the Centennial of Great Lebanon, entitled “Lebanon 2020 – A State of Knowledge” in the aim to promote Lebanon’s role as a mission for knowledge and sciences. The national initiative, in collaboration with UN-ESCWA and Lebanese Universities celebrated the centennial of Great Lebanon, established in 1920, from a developmental lens.

The national initiative emphasizes on the importance of state-building through the activation and development of state institutions and through building trust among citizens on one hand and between the citizens and the state on the other.

Since 2015, several initiatives have been implemented on an annual basis, on occasions such as the anniversary for the establishment of the state (1 September) as well as the Lebanese Flag Day and the Lebanese Independence Day (21, 22 November).

National underlying projects have been held under the patronage of presidents of Lebanon, Lebanese prime ministers, and the speaker of the Lebanese Parliament. The initiative has conducted several studies on the advancement of the development in Lebanon and its strategic planning, while also carrying out developmental programs addressing national themes and topics.

In 2016, The National Initiative for the Centennial of Great Lebanon was officially registered as an association entitled “National Initiative for the Centennial of Great Lebanon – Lobnaniyat 2020” (Arabic connotation for Lebanese Women of 2020).


  • Creating a national development agenda with a set of developmental goals and targets that are reflective of Lebanon’s immediate and future needs
  • Holding national consultations around analyzing the status quo and setting strategic development goals in partnership with the Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (UN-ESCWA)
  • Promoting and honoring the lead role of women in pioneering the public and private sector as well as in universities, diplomatic corps, and security devices
  • Holding wide discussions and studies on the importance of civil development as well as around the city concept, characteristics, and development for alleviating the poverty of the urban marginalized
  • Launching national dialogue on developmental issues, as part of the foundation’s participatory approach to sustainable development
  • Conducting a review of Lebanon ‘s first development plan developed by the “I.R.F.E.D.” mission to Lebanon, shedding light on its objectives, distinguishing those achieved and communicating those not yet materialized in development plans
  • Launching a research workshop with lead Lebanese universities for assessing the challenges of the centennial of Great Lebanon, focusing on Lebanon as a state of knowledge, engaging intellectuals and students in developing studies, researches, questions and objectives
  • Promoting Lebanese citizenship through holding annual celebrations of national days such as the Lebanese Flag Day, the Lebanese Independence Day, the Anniversary of the Declaration of the State of Great Lebanon
  • Addressing the importance of strategizing the prevention of violent extremism in Lebanon
  • Assessing the Lebanese status quo through monitoring social media interactions and studying social transformations
  • Addressing Lebanese sector challenges through conducting a systematic dialogue with experts and sector-related bodies, aiming at understanding the reality of sectors and identifying the challenges and legislation necessary for sectors’ development

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