PACCT | Promoting Active Citizenship through Coaching & Training


2008 – 2009


Saida, Jezzine, Akkar, Bekaa, Iklim El Kharroub

In 2016, Hariri Foundation partnered with the European Union, the Lebanese Office of the Minister of State for Administrative Affairs, and Université La Sagesse under the framework of the national “Afkar 3” program to carry out the joint project “Promoting Active Citizenship through Guidance and Training” (PACCT). The project featured a capacity building component, addressing the developmental, administrative, and financial capacities of 107 locally active civil society organizations across Lebanon and assisting them to perform their work and their local role in social and economic development, through orientations and training sessions. Project partners supported each of the targeted organizations in developing a tailored plan for organizational development based on an assessment of their internal capabilities.

Hariri Foundation supported local civil society organizations to maintain continuous networking with local authorities, donors and financiers, and the private sector in their regions. The project also featured an implementation component, providing the trained civil society organizations with the opportunity to apply the concepts they gained through writing and submitting project proposals for the development of their local community. 20 organizations received funds and were mentored to implement their projects. Towards the end of the project, the results and lessons learned from the 20 projects were documented and consolidated in a public guide highlighting innovative models for civic engagement in local development.

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