Rebuilding Trust – Mapping National Sectoral Transformations & Dynamics


2019 – 2020


Following the national uprising of 17 October 2019, Hariri Foundation engaged young members of the National State Academy in an extensive research and dialogue endeavor to unlock and discuss national developmental and governance challenges. Participants conducted research on the concept of trust-building and its affiliation with economic growth, policy effectiveness, justice system and social development. The foundation involved participants in monitoring the social transformations throughout the uprising, observing and analyzing social media interactions. Participants also conducted an extensive research on the reality and governance aspects of 15 sectors in Lebanon; those include the Economy, Public Health, Energy and Water, Public Works, Transport, Trade, Industry, Agriculture, Tourism, Environment, Oil and Gas, Education and Higher Education, Governance, Technology, Communications, and Media.

Throughout the research, participants identified the regulating frameworks and bodies associated with each sector as well as the pertinent legislation and policies regulating the sector. This research informed a multi-sectoral dialogue with representatives of those sectors, during which participants conducted systematic dialogues with experts and sectoral bodies to reach a common understanding of the reality of every sector and to identify the necessary policy reforms and legislation for advocacy with national authorities and administrations.

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