The Roadmap of Saida… Towards an Environmentally Sustainable City


2022 – Present



In 2022, Hariri Foundation partnered with the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) – West Asia Office to carry out a joint process for developing and promoting a new roadmap for Saida, “Towards an Environmentally Sustainable City,” in collaboration with the Lebanese Ministry of Environment and the Municipality of Saida. The project aims at instigating a green transition in Saida that is adaptive to climate change through aligning local efforts and drawing local initiatives within a consolidated roadmap in line with global models such as the Global Environmental Outlook (GEO) for Cities and with underlying scientific indicators on climate action. The roadmap comprises a sustainable strategic framework and operational action plan featuring potential policies, plans and programs aimed at strengthening international cooperation and exchange of knowledge as well as securing green financing for environmental initiatives across Saida.

Initiated throughout the Environmental Forum of Saida and Neighboring Towns in December 2022, the process adopts a consultative approach, featuring the multi-sectoral engagement of institutions, experts and local communities in diagnosing the environmental state of the city and developing the roadmap constituents. The project features a resource mobilization component through several platforms for exchange with international donors, including through the Conference of Parties COP28 in Dubai in November 2023.

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