The Sea of Lebanon for All of Lebanon




Under the National Initiative for the Centennial of Great Lebanon, Hariri Foundation organized its Youth of Lebanon 2020 Conference entitled “The Sea of Lebanon for All of Lebanon.” The first floating conference in Lebanon, it featured several events both on land and in seas and involve youth from across Lebanon as well as national and local personnel. Conference sessions were organized by Hain three locations in Saida; the Municipality of Saida, Saida’s El Zireh island, and Khan El Franj, next to the seaport. Innovative mechanisms were adopted during discussions and interactions among participants. The discussions focused on the development priorities of all Lebanese regions and the programming of further national activities in Saida, Shebaa, Arqoub, Iklim, Beirut, North, and Bekaa.

The plenary session focused on the importance of the Lebanese oil and gas wealth as well as the outputs of the CEDRE Conference, its importance in achieving balanced and sustainable development on all Lebanese lands, and the extent of the impact of its projects on the future of Lebanon. A total of 184 young men and women, and over 50 officials, experts, and public figures participated in the conference.

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