Thematic Research on the Youth Viewpoint of Ministries’ Roles in PVE




In 2021, Hariri Foundation supported the Lebanese research institute, InfoPro, in conducting research on the youth viewpoint of Lebanese ministries’ roles in preventing violent extremism. The study was conducted hand-in-hand with several PVE youth thematic events organized within the framework of the Strengthening Resilience II (SRII) program supported by the European Union and the British Council. Throughout the events, young people were encouraged to suggest policy recommendations to relevant ministries related to particular themes based on the National Action Plan for Preventing Violent Extremism. The study aimed at engaging youth in the PVE societal discussion and deriving youth perceptions and challenges to inform the SRII program and the National PVE Action Plan.

The primary research was utilized to gather the information required from participant youth, including opinions and insights on PVE and pertinent legislative decrees as well as their sense of citizenship, community engagement, and political participation. The study reached hundreds of young women and men aged 16 to 25 years old as well as representative of the CSO partners working with the young people and engaged those in a discussion with representatives of relevant ministries.

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