Youth Mobilization in Beirut & Its Suburbs


2007 – 2010



In 2007, Hariri Foundation partnered with UNDP, the Lebanon Recovery Fund, the Lebanese Ministry of Social Affairs, and the American University of Beirut to mobilize local communities in rehabilitating two underserved neighborhoods of Sabra and Karm Al Zeytoun, located within the suburbs of Beirut,. The project aimed at alleviating urban poverty of the targeted marginalized constituency, as well as aggregating, reconciling and creating synergies amongst various initiatives aimed at city planning, social change and sustainable human development. The project featured a participatory approach to development, building a framework of partnership between the public sector, the private sector and the civil society. The project also featured a capacity building component offered to local NGOs and CSOs on the identification and provision of direct services promoting sustainable livelihoods in local communities.

Skills training were also offered to unemployed youth in the region to support job creation and employment by creating, enhancing, and developing their competencies. Youth were empowered to participate in every step of the process and to lead on sustaining synergies and follow-up on local efforts.

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