YRLF2022 | Towards a New Centennial




In 2022, Hariri Foundation organized the national event “Youth of the Rise of Lebanon Forum… Towards a New Centennial,” entitled “Education First… Lebanon a state of Knowledge.” The forum aimed to promote the role of youth in the rise of Lebanon amidst the rapid national and global transformations and following the devastating Beirut blast in August 2020. The forum marked the reopening of Phoenicia Hotel in the heart of Beirut following the devastation, celebrating its fourth rise overcoming a national disaster. The forum engaged young members of the National State Academy in delivering an extensive presentation addressing the transformations and challenges that Lebanon and the world had witnessed during the previous three years. Following the Education Transformation Summit during the United Nations General Assembly of 2022, the forum highlighted the educational sector as the key priority for the rise of Lebanon and for the achievement of public order across its diverse development sectors.

Accordingly, members capitalized the role of youth in monitoring and partaking in national development frameworks and global economic forums through research, innovation, and dialogue. The forum introduced its Phoenix trophy celebrating the contributions of national figures in the rise of Lebanon’s educational and economic sectors.

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