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Hariri Choice

The Martyr President Rafic Hariri decided to set off his rescue mission for unity, construction and stability in 1979, a year which was seen as one of the most threatening as regards to the unity of the Lebanese people and nation.


In February 1979, the resolve was taken to establish a non-governmental organization named “the Hariri Foundation: Islamic Foundation for Education and Higher Learning”, based in Saida with the aim to rehabilitate the city’s scientific, educational and cultural contexts on the basis of national harmony, coexistence and reaffirmation of Saida’s national convictions when building the capable and impartial nation.


However, this initiative which was meant initially to meet the needs of Saida and the South was greatly welcomed and supported by the Lebanese people at large. This response encouraged the Martyr President to readjust the Foundation’s services and objectives so as to cover all the confessional groups throughout Lebanon.

In 1990, the mandate of the newly named Hariri Foundation for Sustainable Human Development was vowed to raising the Lebanese citizen’s economic, social and cultural situation, through reinforcing the citizens’ role in achieving sustainable human development. The Foundation slogan becomes:” Investing in people, investing in Lebanon’s future”.