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Al Taef Forum was launched by Hariri Foundation in 2009, in the heart of the capital, Beirut. The forum is named after Al Taef Accord held in 1989, marking the transition from wars and civil conflicts to unity, peace, construction, reconciliation and renewal. Ever since the accord, Lebanon was able to pass many difficult tests pertaining to renewing confidence in the democratic system, rebuilding the state and its civil and military institutions, achieving political balance, and establishing the foundations of civil peace.

Al Taef Forum is a space for dialogue and interaction, with a focus on the need for policy reform at the institutional level (public, private, and civic), as a prerequisite for achieving a sustainable state of human development. Al Taef Forum was established to promote the utilization of research, studies, seminars, and workshops in promoting national development and peace.


Al Taef Forum organized several conferences, forums and seminars in the capital, Beirut, the most important of which were:

  1. A symposium on “Waqfat Haq”, a Palestinian Christian document about the Israeli occupation | 2010
  2. International Women’s Day | 2010
  3. Signing a memorandum of understanding and cooperation to activate their joint work in gender issues | 2010
  4. Conference on the Taef document | 2010
  5. A session on Al Taef Agreement “Lebanese Women of Taif” with Dr. Shafiq Al Masri | 2012
  6. Al Taef Forum – Achievements, Figures and Partners | 2019


During the course of the Al Taef Forum since 2009, 76 bodies represented by 82 personalities were honored with Al Taef Trophy of Appreciation, celebrating their contributions to reconstruction, state-building, and research.

The trophy was presented to 53 local entities including presidents, deputies, ministers, security, economic, cultural, religious, media, sports, youth, universities, trade unions, 8 Arab countries, organizations and experts, and 15 international entities including countries and organizations such as the United Nations, the European Union and the World Bank.

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