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Hariri Foundation Head Office – Beirut

The Hariri Foundation Head Office is located in the heart of Beirut and plays a crucial role in managing the international, national, and local partnerships and affiliations of Hariri Foundation for Sustainable Human Development. The office oversees programs and centers operations at the foundation, ensuring that they are in line with the foundation’s vision and mission for sustainable human development.

The office manages the six programs and state-building portfolio at the foundation and provides central administrative support to all project teams and centers. Conducting continuous research, the office monitors global and scientific frameworks and trends to inform and guide the objectives and standards by which projects and services are provided.

The office maintains knowledge exchange of best practices among the team at Hariri Foundation. The office is also responsible for monitoring, evaluation, and central reporting at the foundation, employing key performance indicators to measure the effectiveness, impact and sustainability of its overall activity.

Hariri Foundation Office – Saida

The Hariri Foundation office in Saida functions as a local branch of Hariri Foundation for Sustainable Human Development that oversees and operates programmatic activities in Saida and neighboring towns. It provides a space for meetings, training, co-working, and events. The office empowers and engages youth activists, volunteers, and staff in the programs of Hariri Foundation, extending communications, research and project management to Saida. In essence, the Saida office serves as a hub for Hariri Foundation’s activities in the region and aims to engage the local community through its various programs and initiatives.

Hariri Foundation Community Support & Outreach Office – Saida

The Hariri Foundation Community Support & Outreach Office in Saida was established in 1992 to serve the Community Support Program at Hariri Foundation for Sustainable Human Development, with the ultimate aim to enhance the social stability of the local community in Saida and neighboring towns.

Located in the heart of Saida, the office interfaces with citizens, receiving and meeting daily requests and linking beneficiaries with relevant services and programs across Hariri Foundation and its wide network of stakeholders. The office also conducts regular assessments of society’s needs and seeks to provide necessary support in coordination with local centers at Hariri Foundation.

The Hariri Foundation Community Support & Outreach Office serves as a coordination hub for neighborhood committees established across the region in order to maintain constant outreach with local communities. The office houses one of the largest regional databases for the local population from all nationalities updated regularly. Through the joint efforts of neighborhood committees with local civic organizations and social groups, the office provides annual and seasonal cash transfers as well as substantial assistance in food security, education, and healthcare to those in need.

In times of crises and unrest, the office has provided assistance to tens of thousands of households and citizens, including evacuation and shelter for displaced residents in coordination with international and local stakeholders. The office also conducts constant needs assessments for individual neighborhoods and provides rapid response to address local needs and demands.

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