HFMMU | Hariri Foundation Mobile Medical Unit

The Hariri Foundation Mobile Medical Unit (HFMMU) is the foundation’s team of medical and paramedical volunteers designated to provide mobile medical services and deliver humanitarian assistance to Lebanese and non-Lebanese residents across South Lebanon.

Established in 1984 and equipped with mobile clinics and ambulances, HFMMU has carried out thousands of field relief and assistance missions during the wars and conflicts in Lebanon up until 2006. Missions included the evacuation of wounded, trapped and displaced individuals, transportation of martyr corpses, and delivery of supplies and medical assistance to citizens in their villages and to displaced individuals in many Lebanese areas.

HFMMU continues to provide transportation services for emergency and nonemergency cases in Saida and surrounding areas, including transporting patients and emergency cases. The unit also provides necessary paramedical services and undertakes corpse transportation across Lebanon.

Recently, HFMMU worked with its national and local partners across Lebanon to secure support for those infected during the COVID-19 pandemic and those facing the pandemic’s repercussions.

Today, the unit functions as a liaison between the Hariri Social & Medical Center and vulnerable communities and individuals, mainstreaming safety precautions and extending Hariri Foundation’s medical services to those communities across the Saida-Zahrani region.

Through its daily services and seasonal activities, HFMMU strives to aid the population and provide in-kind support to local hospitals, in constant collaboration with the Disaster Risk Management Unit at the Federation of Municipalities of Saida-Zahrani.

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