Mission & Vision


Achieving sustainable human development congruent with strengthening citizen engagement, social cohesion, and community resilience across Lebanon.


To innovate and mainstream action for promoting responsible citizenship, urban well-being, and good governance across Lebanon through partnership, development, support, and education.

Investing in People;
Investing in Lebanon’s Future


Achieving Sustainable Human Development
  • Ensure sustainability concepts and practices are mainstream at school and across civil society
  • Ensure the children of Lebanon have access to diverse channels of quality and relevant education
  • Ensure civil society efforts for national and local development are in line with Agenda 2030 and its Sustainable Development Goals
  • Ensure public-private partnership adopt a forward-thinking multi-agency approach motivated towards just and sustainable transitions
Strengthening Citizen Engagement
  • Ensure the citizens of Lebanon are well-informed advocates of the Universal Declaration for Human Rights
  • Ensure the citizens of Lebanon have access to and agency in national policymaking and urban development
  • Ensure the citizens of Lebanon develop a harmonious and legitimate partnership based on empathy and accountability with state institutions and vice versa
  • Ensure the youth and adults of Lebanon are well-prepared to engage in a growing circular economy
Strengthening Social Cohesion
  • Ensure the citizens of Lebanon develop collective efficacy towards a shared national identity founded in their diverse socio-cultural values
  • Ensure the citizens of Lebanon develop a collaborative spirit towards communal development and need-based support
  • Ensure the citizens, groups, and institutions of Lebanon develop ownership towards permanent dialogue
  • Ensure institutional networks develop the necessary capacities to innovative place-based modalities and install technical systems towards integrated local development
Strengthening Community Resilience
  • Ensure community development and crisis response across Lebanon are performed efficiently with a social justice lens across geographic regions and social groups
  • Ensure vulnerable groups across Lebanon have access to basic urban services and relevant socio-economic opportunities with no compromise during crises
  • Ensure the citizens of Lebanon are well-informed and protected against disaster risk
  • Ensure local communities in Lebanon develop safety nets and robust practices to strengthen their resilience to shocks and emergent crises
  • Ensure the citizens and grassroots of Lebanon develop self-help mechanisms and acquire the necessary skills to manage crisis risk

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