Mainstreaming Local School Networks across Lebanon


2016 – Present


Iklim, Sour, Zahrani, Akkar, Menieh

In partnership with the Parliamentary Committee for Education, Higher Education & Culture and local actors in the education sector across several Lebanese regions, Hariri Foundation established local school networks for public, semi-private, private, vocational, and UNRWA Schools in Iklim, Sour, Zahrani, Akkar, and Menieh. 

Building on the successful modalities of the School Network of Saida & Neighboring Towns, local school networks aim at building the capacities of their educators, enhance continuous and effective communication between all member schools to leverage on and exchange expertise, connect and network with other local and international educational institutions, and ensure active partnerships within and amongst school constituencies.

To this day, Hariri Foundation engages networks in its educational conferences organized in partnership with the Lebanese Ministry of Education and Higher Education.

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