Saida Sorting at Source – “Saida Btaaref Tifroz”


2017 – 2022



In 2017, Hariri Foundation partnered with the Municipality of Saida to launch an action plan and campaign promoting sustainable solid waste management practices across the Federation of Municipalities of Saida-Zahrani. The project aimed at building partnerships and synergies among local community actors to hinder existing environmental challenges, initiating a behavioral change among households, groups, and institutions through sorting waste at source. The plan, developed among the two partners through a joint team of youth volunteers, addressed the complexities of community awareness and social behavior and suggested modalities for engaging every sector and actor in the campaign. The project targeted several neighborhoods and villages, featuring the collaboration with municipalities and waste management stakeholders to install the necessary infrastructure in line with the action plan.

 Throughout the project, the project team delivered capacity building sessions and awareness sessions to hundreds of public, private, civic, and academic organizations to onboard their constituents onto the campaign. The team also developed a brand image and led extensive online and offline activities to build citizen’s environmental awareness, including through social media campaigns and through partaking in the organization of local events such as the Saida International Marathon.

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